9 Reasons automated campaigns will supercharge your business revenues

Like you, your customers are busy people living busy lives. Often times, they don't come back because they simply forgot about your business. Automated deals are a simple way to remind them to come back.

It's basically like having an extra set of helping hands to take care of all your marketing—without having to pay a salary or hire a local marketing agency. Best of all, it's included with your SpotOn subscription, so you won't see any extra cost.

Just set it and forget it. The technology does all the work of generating beautiful, mobile-friendly emails and delivering them to your customers' inboxes so you can focus on running your business.

SpotOn leverages your loyalty program data to distribute offers to customers based on their individual ...

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Ever wish you had more marketing help? Someone to analyze customer data, keep track of their visits, and send new promotions to keep them coming back? Good news, SpotOn has you covered.

Say hello to NEW Automated Campaigns. It's basically like having your very own marketing manager who's focused on making sure your customers visit often. The advanced technology does all the work of analyzing your business' customer data, then distributes promotions and discounts based on their purchase history.  

There's 2 NEW types of Automated Campaigns ((in addition to birthday rewards ,which work similarly). Here's what you need to know about each:

New Customer Campaign
Thank customers who join your loyalty program with an offer or discount they can use on their next visit. They'll receive the offer within a few days of their first loyalty check-in at your business.

Lapsed Customer Campaign ...

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Internet review sites can feel like both a blessing and a curse. While sites like Yelp and Foursquare are a great tool for new customers to discover your business, they can also harbor damaging testimonials that could potentially drive people away. With nearly 9 in 10 consumers looking at online reviews sites to determine the quality of local businesses, managing your online reputation has become an essential skill set for every owner.

Here's 9 dos and don'ts for businesses just getting started with reputation management:

DO monitor consistently. Devise a plan to regularly check what's being said about your business on today's most widely-used sites, like Yelp, Foursquare, Google, Trip Advisor, and more. That way, you're never caught off guard and can squash product or service issues before they threaten sales. (Pro Tip: SpotOn combs reviews sites daily for you. Check out the new ...

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It used to be that the comment card was the best way for your customers to leave critical feedback about their experience at your business. You'd read it privately or perhaps share it with your staff and give 'em a “job well done” or “here's how we can do better.” 

As a business owner in 2015, you realize that has all changed. You've probably also accepted (perhaps begrudgingly) that the internet is now one giant comment card, and the things people say about your business online can impact your revenue greatlypositively or negatively. In fact, just a one-star increase in your Yelp ratings can generate a 5 to 9 percent spike in revenue. But keeping track of what's being said about your business online isn't easy. There's dozens of review sites (Trip Advisor, City Search, Foursquare, Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Open Table, to ...

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Ever wish you had more time to do the little things?
Like send your customers a birthday card or offer? We can help! SpotOn has a popular feature called “Birthday Rewards,” but you can think of it as an extra set of helping hands that will do all the work of saying happy birthday for you.

The best part? It's an extremely effective way to boost revenue. Compared to regular promotional email, birthday emails have a 481% higher transaction rate and 342% higher revenue per email.

It’s easy to set up:

  1. Login to your web dashboard
  2. Select Settings, then click Enable next to Birthday Reward
  3. Enter your offer (i.e. Free Cupcake, 15% off, Skip The Line)

We'll handle the rest! Every month, we'll email all your customers that have birthdays coming up and let them know you have a special offer for them. We'll ...

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